The corporate philosophy of ATTEC is characterized in two ways through a pedagogical enthusiasm:

ATTEC is unique, because it combines the traditional learning method and the modern distance learning possibility in Africa. Together with our partners and funders, the institution intends to combine the different educational methods to integrate and re-integrate people into the job market.

ATTEC has committed itself to the realization of gender equality and equal opportunity in the African Job market. The equality of women and men is one of our development goals and anchored as a central cross-sectional task in our institution. Having stated this, ATTEC is established to fulfil a social task and has the mandate of its cooperation partners to offer quality training and educational content to the civil society.

ATTEC also meets the contemporary requirements of an international technical training and education system, in which gender equality is very important from a participatory and competitive point of view. If you are looking for an alternative education, ATTEC is the right place for all Africans willing to embrace change and improve their living standards through further qualifications.

The institution prides itself in providing trainees with a challenging and excellent educational content and programs that guarantees their entrance in the modern-day Job Market


We are a certified education

Our institution is committed to helping its trainees become well-educated, innovative, and responsible civil society young adults.

Trusted across 2 continents

Our trainers and instructors love to qualify young people for the modern-day job market, bringing them daily step by step to their dream.

We offer many technical courses

We offer courses that remolds people's lives. With the social pedagogic support we offer, people are easier prepared for the job market.

We have the best Trainers

Our trainers and instructors are the best in the field, they bring with them extensive experience and skills that our trainees can always benefit.

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