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The Afrika Haus

The Haus is made up of cooperation of local participants that works together to achieve these goals. Actors in education, politics, public administration, economy and society meet, exchange and appreciate each other at Afrika Haus.

What does the Haus do? 

– Education
– Labour Market Integration
– Diploma Recognition Consulting
– Civic Engagement
– Diversity Management
– Business Development Management
– Training and Seminars
– Development cooperation with African countries

Who is eligible to use the services of Afrika Haus?

Everybody who believes in equal participation, respects and understands the need to remove barriers in the society is welcome to Afrika Haus.

Interculturelle Education Academy NRW [IBaN]

Our Intercultural Education Academy NRW [IBaN] has two principal ideas:

IBaN identifies the familiarity of diversity in all facets of human life and informs apprentice and students about the fact that individuals have naturally developed a range of different ways of life, customs and worldviews meant to enhance our lives.

Our Academy promotes equality, human rights and challenges unfair discrimination in the job market. Our curriculum supports the full principles of intercultural education. By so doing we provide a suitable framework for activation into the job market through the provision of quality further education, Seminars and Workshops.

IBaN aims to be supportive in all aspects and level of integration into the job market.

We want to contribute to the moral and economic development of people with migration background in NRW.

We want to prepare people with migration background for the responsibilities of citizenship in the national context through provision of content that will help them easily integrate into the job market.


African Hope Center [AHC]

Our socio-pedagogical center, accommodates young refugees (mostly males), their well-being is the guiding principle of our work. With our pedagogical concept, the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the young people is ensured.

With us, young people receive the necessary support they need for their personal advancement. The center supports the young men get socially integrated using different tools and measures. Young people are expected to participate actively in the goals agreed upon. Our social educators accompany and support our youths at all level.


Move 'n' WIN

Are you a single parent or a woman with migration background and no job? Or you have worked in the past and would like to return to work or do you have a minimum wage? Then this weekly gathering is just the thing for you!

Participate in a variety of activities and workshops free of charge and receive new information every week to increase your quality of life.

The spectrum as regards to information on health, finance and culture is broad:

We invite you to our regular common cooking hours that guarantees an intercultural exchange. No matter if you are a beginner or an experienced cook in the kitchen: everyone is welcome in the kitchen at AfricanTide. Our cooking hours are supervised by local refugees and volunteers with and without migrations background. It is an opportunity to exchange experiences and to taste an authentic cuisine. True to the motto: healthy, tasty, cheap!

You have high cost of electricity and heating and you do not know how to decrease that?

Do you need help writing and creating your application?

Maybe you are new in Dortmund and do not know how to coordinate your day to fit your child care, or you just want to chat with other women and make new contacts?

Take advantage of our exciting workshops conducted by experienced instructors and professional staff at AfricanTide.

Contact us to inquire about upcoming dates, workshops, training opportunities and other offers in our timetable.

What you can expect from us:

  • Further development of individual abilities
  • Culturable support in different languages
  • Strengthen existing and potential networks
  • A family cultural center as a starting point


Active hope

Active Hope is AfricanTide Union’s youth initiative. Their work is based on three pillars: information, expression and success.

INFORMATION: We have committed ourselves to share relevant information regarding the point of views, orientation, results and experiences of the Afro-German community, especially if it concerns political and social involvement of the Afro-German community. Active Hope is a place to go for young Afro-Germans and enthusiasts when it comes to exchange of information, interdisciplinary discourses or exploring the quest of identity and heritage.

EXPRESSION: We give young migrants the chance to express themselves without censorship. We offer them a platform to discuss topics that move them and the assurance that their concerns are respected. Every contribution to the improvement of social coexistence is valued. Creativity combined with political and cultural relevant contents are characteristic for the work of our youth initiative.

SUCCESS: Using our intercultural experience we want to mobilise youths of African heritage and lead them to the ways of winning. Our aim is to motivate young adults to participate in designing social coexistence through political participation and cultural involvement. Their biculturality must be seen positively: They act as mediators of two different cultures.

We are a team of young Africans, who aim to strengthen our community and elaborate a respectable position within the German society.

New members are always welcomed. No matter if you write poems, are an artist, musician, athlete or interested in photography: Become a part of Active Hope. Let us motivate others to discover their potentials and strengthen their political and cultural awareness.

MyTide Digital Magazine

We at AfricanTide Union came to realise that a modular approach is needed if we want to continue impacting the society with our work that is why we have sectioned our activities into different modules and one of them is MyTide Digital Magazine.

Because of diversity reaching the African Diaspora with the right message and on time, MyTide the first digital magazine for the African Diaspora and friends of Africa seeking alternative means of information and communication platform in NRW.

This platform should bridge the language barrier for Migrants in Germany. With the numerous projects, language tools we have put in place for digestion by our audience, we are sure that subsequently we will be able to contribute to a lasting integration this society.

We encourage you to joins today as we present Africa to the world.

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