The AfricanTide Association “Taftas” was founded in 2017 with its headquarters in Nigeria. Taftas’ seven-point agender are:

To promote international cooperation and tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding.

To promote intercultural and intergenerational youth, elderly, family, Gender support, social integration of minority and displaced people.

To promote Integration and reintegration of unemployed and jobseekers in the Labour market

To promote and organise educational, cultural and recreational events and Implementation of multilateral projects

To promote cultural and leisure activities with the aim of bringing people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds together.

To promote school and extracurricular activities for children, adolescents and adults through appropriate training such as courses and seminars.

To produce from our activities an intercultural magazine that reaches the civil society with helpful tips about co-existence.


We create a blueprint of knowledge, skills and abilities for migrants and skilled workers, so that they may succeed in the ever-evolving African – European economy. With support from multiple institutions, our team has established an International Network that will permanently align learning with solid employment opportunities.

We bring together a cross-section of Nigerian business and industry groups and support hands-on activities that promote a better society. We sensitize industries and government on the importance of multicultural relationship where mutual respect plays a very important role thereby, helping them discover the competence of skills even from the earliest stage.



Since 2014, AfricanTide has been impacting our communities with several multilateral projects.