• Dr. RosaLyn Dressman

    RosaLyn is a motivated sociologist with multiple university degrees, many years of professional experience and a successful 7-year success in the social work.

    She is the author of "Promoting Protecting Democray".

  • Dr. Médard Kabanda
    Vice President
    Research Assistant at the FernUniversität Hagen. Lecturer in the Department of Cultural and Social Sciences at the University of Osnabrück and at the Otto Suhr Institute of Distant learning Berlin. Interest: Development policy and political education.
  • Farina Görmar
    General secretary

    As a systemic family and social therapist.

    Farina supports people with the challenges of everyday life, be it school or career perspective. She enjoys to learn new things in the intercultural context.

  • Hassan Yacoubou
    Project Manager
    Hassan is an academic graduate with a degree in economics and a 5 years success story in the association and social work.
  • Betangmbeh Nzefeh
    Finance Manager

    Graduate of business administration with computer science and a qualified SAP consultant in sales and distribution.

    Betty has several years of experience in social work.

  • Andrea Tarilayu Weber
    Public Relations Officer

    She is a student of the applied literature and cultural sciences, politics and cultural anthropology of the textile.

    Tari is the cultural youth ambassador NRW since 2012.

  • Janina Cordbrüning
    General Manager

    With a completed education in  literature and applied cultural sciences with the components of sociology and politics, Janina focuses on the promotion of intercultural learning.

  • Analee Maharjan
    Scientific Assistant

    With a Bachelor in Psychology and Master in Regional Planning and Development Management, Analee is very committed with many years of experience in development work in the US and the Asian region.