Our Intercultural Education Academy NRW [IBaN] has two principal ideas:

IBaN identifies the familiarity of diversity in all facets of human life and informs apprentice and students about the fact that individuals have naturally developed a range of different ways of life, customs and worldviews meant to enhance our lives.

Our Academy promotes equality, human rights and challenges unfair discrimination in the job market. Our curriculum supports the full principles of intercultural education. By so doing we provide a suitable framework for activation into the job market through the provision of quality further education, seminars and workshops.

IBaN aims to be supportive in all aspects and level of integration into the job market.
We want to contribute to the moral and economic development of people with migration background in NRW.
We want to prepare people with migration background for the responsibilities of citizenship in the national context through provision of content that will help them easily integrate into the job market.

  • We support migrants irrespective of their age to get involved in different skill acquisition and vocational training and thereafter, we train them on how to apply for jobs
  • We offer intercultural training for School management and Educators
  • We offer seminars and workshops on diverse topics

If you are looking for a language orientation course, then we are your welcome to a team of experienced teachers.
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