The role migrants play for a sustainable development

The migration of African nationals into Europe and its impact on Europe’s population and resources is both a source of concern and recognition of the potential migrants can play a substantial role in development cooperation.

 In Germany, Migration is a significant factor as it hosts the third-highest percentage of international migrants worldwide. In North-Rhine Westphalia, one out four citizens have a migration background of which approximately 38% of them are children.
Since 1980 until now, Germany is experiencing an influx of large numbers of immigrants from African nations and other third world countries.
The trend is increasing as more and more people especially experts and skilled workers migrate to the West largely due to economic hardships in their home countries.

The perspective on African migration have evolved over decades from being seen as an issue of national security and concern to a phenomenon of great potential.
African migrants in Germany are increasingly recognised as central in the area of development cooperation.