Run to the cooking spoon! - Let's cook together

What's your plan for today? Did you take delight in a fun activity with friends or neighbours?cook flyer en

If you're looking for a place where you can meet like-minded people, or if you're a connoisseur and are interested in supporting a worthwhile project… you just want to engage yourself in your neighborhood, then you should consider our cooking lessons.

In AfricanTide Union, everyone is welcome in the kitchen, whether you're a beginner and just learn the basics, or you have experience in cooking already.
Our cooking classes are taught by local refugees and immigrants and also from other participants.

Lessons are interactive and guess what… our guests can prepare and cook the meal with us, taste and the Shaping of meals, which are split at the end of the lesson.
Each event offers a realistic cultural experience, the opportunity to sample authentic cuisine and interact with refugees and immigrants.

To register for an upcoming cooking lesson, please click here.
Furthermore, you can book for 6-10 people, private cooking lessons with our chefs. If you want to organize a unique, interactive party with delicious food and great party design, this is a fantastic opportunity that you should not let go.

For more information about the private cooking lessons you, please look at our catering page and private evenings.

The refugee and immigrant cooks benefit from the cooking lessons. The lessons offer you a presentation, and the possibility to interact with the Dortmund community. You can also collect experiences in a professional kitchen and in teaching.

Additionally, the confidence gained by sharing knowledge about healthy eating is immeasurable.

Our events provide the opportunity for true realistic encounters between cultures, and that contributes to our inevitably Dortmund’s cultural richness and welcoming culture.
All proceeds from the cooking events is used exclusively for training and learning opportunities for our participating refugees and immigrants.

Work with us!

We want to see every immigrant and asylum seeker gain in confidence, ability and knowledge, make new friends and learn from new experiences.language course users

In order to succeed we need your support to make our year-round programmes a reality.

We are looking for donations and also volunteer workers that will help inspire people to that they can make a difference in their communities. We target people from all walks of life. Thank you for your support!

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accn woman.fwWhat is ACCN?

ACCN means African Competence Center NRW.

The center is made up of cooperation of local participants that works together to achieve these goals. Actors in education, politics, public administration, economy and society meet, exchange and appreciate each other at ACCN.

What does the Center do?

The Center offers:
- Education
- Labour Market Integration
- Diploma Recognition Consulting
- Civic Engagement
- Diversity Management
- Business Development Management
- Training and Seminars

Who is eligible to use the services of ACCN?

Everybody who believes in equal participation, respects and understands the need to remove barriers in the society is welcome to ACCN.

Work with us!

There are a number of ways you can work with us to support our community. Click here to find out how

African Competence Center NRW