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Very many migrant organizations in Germany are committed to their members and communities be it in social, cultural or religious activities mostly as volunteers ... It is important to be involved professionally in order to make a lasting impact on the various services and offers.

The training is therefore aimed at employees and responsible persons in migrant organizations and those engaged in migration and integration work. Main content is: How do I carry out effective public relations work? How do I make a promising application? How can I network without entangling me?

Upon successful participation in this seminar block, participants receive a certificate.

Professionalisation of the association and project management

Work techniques, knowledge,
Multiplier qualification,
Promoting Volunteerism in the association,
Potential conflicts in the professionalisation process


Training of volunteers
Training of multipliers
Professionalisation of the association work
Increased quality of work in the area of refugee aid
Analytical exploration of your own location
Network formation

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Successfully completed projects

Knowing you, Knowing me

2010 - 2014

This three and a half years theme aims to build bridges between different cultures and thus to promote mutual understanding. We work together with Africans and also people with non-African migration background presenting the benefits of diversity in order to strengthen tolerance and acceptance and also to improve the socio-economic situation of migrants.

We deal with the various challenges that Africans and Diaspora Africans are dealing with everyday. Our program addresses every African country individually, bringing forth the diversity of cultures on the African continents.

Additionally, our cultural events are organized in a way that encourages the participation of all citizens in order to facilitate mutual understanding and promote cultural exchange.
Included and not limited to the topics we treat in this project:

  1. Immigrant & employer relation
  2. Forging synergy between Germany and African countries
  3. Education and qualification in a complex society
  4. Intercultural communication
  5. Culture

We invite you to attend our meetings or actively participate in one or more of our events.