Almost everyone knows a Baker's Helper, but few have ever seen the inside of a modern bakery. Such kind business cannot function without the exclusive knowledge of recipes for breads and cakes.

A Baker's Helper need to understand something of metrology and hygiene, biochemistry and product protection, work organization and planning beyond. In order to meet all these requirements, deepen your knowledge and skills or to expand, it becomes necessary to participate in this specific training.


  • Specific Language course qualification in theory and practice
  • Definitions: bread, biscuits, pastry products
  • Small commodity customer
  • Machine Engineering
  • Quality features and control
  • Application training
  • Making rye wheat and mixed bread
  • Manufacture of bread and biscuits
  • Preparation and processing of glazes
  • Operation and maintenance of plant, machinery and work equipment
  • Storing and controlling raw materials and additives, finished products and packaging materials
  • Manufacture of baked goods made puff and dough.
  • Accident prevention and environmental protection
  • Job placement

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