The Future of the African youth in Germany

With the title "African Expressions: Art, Singing and Body Expression", we would like to give young people as from 6 - 14 years the opportunity to discuss the cultures and art of Africa.
An African tale will be told like today's oral narrative culture.
A separate story being developed and will be fortified using musical instruments, rhythmic movements, drum exercises and singing.

Participants can experience Africa with all their senses. In a second part of the workshop, a joint poster will be designed to symbolize the diversity of Africa. Additionally, participants will learn that each state in Africa, as well as around the world, is part of a global community and interacts with other through a network of individual threads like a spider-web.

Working group for young people aged 15-25 years: "The Future of the African youth in Germany"

African, Afro-German children and young people with dark skin color are often discriminated and often stereotyped: They grow up as darker people in a light-skinned society and the experience they make are rather negative because of their appearance, they are treated with prejudice.
They are often subjected to discrimination, racism even though they are born in Germany or have lived in Germany for a long time.

With this workshop, we want to give these children and young people the opportunity to find their own identity and come to terms with life in Germany. They should be aware of their roots, they should recognize the potential of a bi-national identity and to (re) know the colorful diversity of the African continent… and be proud to be Africans.

With this workshop, we support children and young people to identify their own identity in Germany. How we do it: We support them understand that their culture be it music, painting and physical expression could be used as an instrument for information and transformation.

The African origin is not to be understood as a stain, it should contribute to a positive identity formation and consciousness. Through creative methods, young people will be empowered to defend their skin color and develop ideas for a satisfying life in a multicultural society.

This allows the young people to be active participants and multipliers in this society as well as bridge builders to the countries of Africa.

The results of the workshops will be presented in the plenary on the 26.03.2017 for discussion.

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