"The Gender agenda is gaining momentum" February 2013

The story of the woman and their fight for equality is not from a single feminist group or organization, but it is based on the common efforts for human rights.

That is why the women of AfricanTide Union e.V. also participates annually in the International Women's Day celebration with a variety of contributions.

 international womens day 2013The target groups for the events were the following individuals and groups of people:

  • Immigrant organizations and other organizations involved in development cooperation.
  • Organizations that have an impact on the growing perception of gender targets in African and German society.
  • Participants from Dortmund NRW, who are interested in gender issues, political and socio-economic challenges of the modern day woman.

Results and Analysis

Migrant organizations and other organizations that are involved in different gender projects were given the opportunity to network and also to increase the efficiency of their work through synergy.